We lease to seniors: FIFTY-FIVE AND OVER. We require references and a background check. Forty years ago, Rev. Chauncey Harrell, who is/was my grandfather, and a DAV, wanted to move closer in his later years. We realized very quickly that there were very few properties available for seniors that wanted to cut living expenses and live in safe areas. What was actually available were nice apartments, but there was nothing appealing to the senior that did not want to live next door to teenagers, loud music and doors slamming during the night. We developed a situation to suit his needs: woods, nature, low rent, and safe areas. Since this was started 40 years ago, all of the rentals have been leased and many for long terms. The average person is over well over 55 and single —as many have lost their spouses.

It is ironic because of a change in American spending, there has been a trend to cut out unnecessary spending.. People are asking for low rent but in safe areas. Some ask for garden space- others for clothes lines and still others for space for a goat or chickens- which is not often allowed in most rental areas. Many want to smell and hear the sounds of nature and see trees, instead of noise around apartment buildings with high rents and little privacy. Cutting back has been very easy for them.

Most of our properties are rural and all are relegated for seniors. They offer a chance to be different and to live differently. Little did the Reverend know that he was ahead of his time and the trend would become an American necessity for those that wanted to spend less than their income and be more secure and stable in their retirement, and at the same time have neighbors the same age and situation.